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Bob Flynn

Mission Zest was founded with a passion and philosophy of serving people from all walks of life. Each wellness coaching session is focused on intently listening to the unique needs of each individual and aligning an optimal nutrition and health program strategy.

Rather than a generic approach, each session is guided through evidence-based practice, expertise and experience across the health, wellness and fitness fields.

Bob has been an athlete his entire life competing successfully in team sports at the high school and collegiate levels. Bob describes his experience, “Being a competitive athlete has taught me a lot about facing adversity, the importance of collaboration and a commitment to constant self-improvement. Spanning a career of eighteen years, I carried these values with me in the business arena providing management leadership, coaching and mentoring for many individuals.”

In 2007, Bob and his wife pursued their passion, dream and vision by opening Team Fitness and CrossFit situated in Franklin, MA. As owner operators, this transition enabled them to positively impact the health of thousands of people and truly experience the health, wellness and nutrition industry “live”. After a successful sale of the business, they are now engaged with Mission Zest continuing their focus on helping people from all walks of life.

“We would be honored to do the same for you,” Bob Flynn.

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