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How Can the 'Fit at Any Age' Program Help You Reach Your Goal Weight Once and For All and Give You Back the Energy You Have Been Missing?

Whether you need to reach and maintain your ideal weight once and for all, tone your body and build muscle, or just want to live a healthier life of zest, a great health coach can get you there.

Health coaching can:

  • keep you on track and hold you accountable to reach your goal weight once and for all
  • motivate you to achieve your goals
  • be your sounding board for diet and exercise and help you build healthy eating habits
  • make you feel better and have more energy
  • develop time management skills
  • add years to your life!

You might be wondering… if a great health coach can really do all that, why doesn’t everyone have a health coach? What keeps people from living a healthy life at their ideal weight and feeling great with all the energy they could ever need?

You asked… 🙂

Reluctance Number One:  “I don’t have enough time for a health coach.”

The cold truth is if you don’t have enough time to be healthy, your time might be cut short.

After only a few weeks of coaching, every one of my clients that tell me they feel like they have more time. The right health coach will help you structure your schedule so that you will have more time to achieve your health goals.

If you have a busy hectic schedule like many people do, with little or no time to work out, prepare the right meals, or exercise, I  will help you develop a time management formula that works with your schedule.

Reluctance Number Two: “I don’t really understand what all is involved with health coaching.”

My coaching program is personal one on one weekly Skype or phone visits with you.

In our first few visits I learn all I can about you and your health goals.  Then with my extensive knowledge and experience, together we map out your action path that will take you where you want to be. Based on evaluating your needs our Coaching program includes:

  • Personal one on one weekly Skype or phone visit with you.
  • Customized approach based on your individual nutrition goals.
  • Consultation on your weekly food logs.
  • Nutrition app suggestions to streamline the process and make it easy for you to understand.
  • User friendly approach that understands that nutrition is a marathon not a sprint.
  • We will set specific customized goals based on you and only you.
  • Full support always based on all nutrition questions you may have.
  • Guaranteed results with my program.
  • An approach to nutrition and weight loss goals from an experienced Coach that recently lost 30 lbs. and has been able to maintain weight and energy levels as a result on an everyday consistent program

Reluctance Number Three:   “I am not sure health coaching works.”

I am here to attest to: “Health coaching does not work for everyone.”


The wrong health coach that does not motivate and guide you can prevent your success or if you will not take action your chances of success are nil.

In my first few sessions with you I gather all the information I can about you and your health goals.  Then with my extensive knowledge and experience, together we map out your action path that will take you where you want to be. Then I help instill within you the mindset you need to walk the path. However, all the motivation in the world cannot force you to walk if you refuse to take the first step.  If that is the case I will not waste your time or mine and simply tell you the timing is not right for my help.

I deeply care about each of my clients and their success. 


“The heart of health coaching must come from the heart,” – Bob Flynn.


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“Bob has simplified goals for me and is extremely involved in getting me to reach my goals. I am especially pleased with the constant outreach he provides.  I believe anybody who is looking for structure in their life, starting with a healthy lifestyle, Bob would make you feel as though you are his only client.  I highly recommend Bob as a health coach to anyone looking for change in their life.” – Matthew Brackett