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Zest Test

Are you operating at peak performance?

Most people are surprised to find out their energy level score.

Welcome to your Zest Test

Get Your Energy Score! Just 10 quick questions and get your energy score instantly upon completion.

Then your evaluation will be emailed to you.

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On average how many hours do you sleep each night? 

Do you exercise and if so how often do you exercise at least 20 minutes?

 How much caffeine do you drink each day? (Coffee, Tea, Soda)

What is your eating style?

Do you experience energy peaks and valleys throughout the day?

How many average hours do you work each week? 

How do you feel about your current weight? 

When you feel tired do you...

How many 8 oz cups of water do you drink each day on average? 

Do you feel that stress is making you tired?